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The Triple L – eBook Now Available!

The Triple L is Now Available!

It’s super exciting to announce that The Triple L is now available in ebook format at Amazon and will be available as a soft paperback in early November.

I originally started this book many years back and wanted to try the western genre, but of course with lesbian material. I had read a variety of lesbian western stories and saw a common theme of a “butch-like” gay woman and a “femme-like” gay woman. For my story, I went in a slightly different direction where both gay women were strong and independent.

The story sat around for about seven or ten years, and I recently decided it was time to breathe life back into it. I really enjoyed changing certain aspects of the story, adding other parts, and keeping the most important pieces. One major change was the story went from third person omniscient point of view (POV) to limited third person. The first half of the book follows the cowgirl, Landen, and then the second half follows Raleigh’s POV. Writing in third person limited POV was a new experience after having always done omniscient POV in fanfiction.

I hope my readers enjoy the latest book. As much as I loved writing and publishing this book, I’m looking forward to working on a sci-fi novel next.  🙂

To purchase The Triple L ebook, please visit the Amazon page at:

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