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This coming week, Little Red Wings and Red Hope are going through a major re-branding that’s more inline with future plans as a publishing company.

For Little Red Wings, the name has been a great placeholder until I was able to find the right one. Shortly Little Red Wings will be changing its name to WASP Publishing, in honor of the women pilots from World War II. Along with such changes, the pen name, Red Hope, will revert to being a fanfiction pseudonym only. I’m excited to announce that my author name is Cameron North.

With all these changes, the website and the books will be going through major changes. The website will be revamped and carry the new publishing name. Additionally, the two books, Thora & The Triple L, will be receiving a face lift. Both books will have new covers and reflect the new branding.

One important note for The Triple L is that it will no longer be offered in paperback format, only ebook. I do encourage people to purchase the paperback now before it is gone. I will post what dates both books will be removed from retailers and what date to expect the new versions.

Contact me at with any questions.

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