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Thora Re-Branding

Thora: A Spartan Hoplite’s Slave will be re-branded this week. There are a few changes for the book including:

  • New ebook & paperback cover, which were designed by May Dawney.
  • New branding marks showing the WASP Publishing logo.
  • New author name: Cameron North.
  • New ISBNs for both ebook and paperback editions.
  • The book has gone through additional professional edits.

Down below is a sneak peek at the new cover, specifically the ebook. The full wrap cover for the paperback is gorgeous, and I’m looking forward to showing it off soon.

Please note that the current edition of Thora will be removed from retailers on or about April 16, 2019. The new version will be published on or about April 18, 2019. Also, there will be a price discount on both the ebook and paperback for a week, if anyone wishes to update to the new version.

Thora: A Spartan Slave's Hoplite (ebook)

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